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We are a group of highly qualified individuals who have come together to combine expertise in the field of AI and engineering-optimization. We aim to work for and with the Academic/Scientific community, Product & Services industry and Tech companies, local and international, in order to bring innovation in their fields through AI technologies


To become a leading AI company offering solutions based on AI technologies, and to work in collaboration with other organizations to develop a technological edge in Artificial Intelligence


Enable the academic/scientific community, product/services industry and Tech companies to develop customised solutions and bring innovation in their fields through AI technologies

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Artificial intelligence elucidates the imitation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed in such a way that the machine can think and act like humans. Such mechanisms may also be applied to any machine that has the credentials related to the brain of a human to learn, think, and decide based on the given problem.

A recent study panel has narrowed its inquiry to eight domains, where AI is already having or is projected to have the greatest impact: transportation, healthcare, education, low-resource communities, public safety and security, employment and workplace, home/service robots, and entertainment.



To locate a moving object (or multiple objects) over time using a camera. To provide security surveillance based on the backend processing of camera feeds (on-line and off-line) to determine a threat. We provide target representation and localization, as well as filtering and data association.


Pattern recognition is the computerized acknowledgment of designs and regularities in the information. This field is concerned with the programmed revelation of regularities in information through the use of computer algorithms and with the use of found regularities to take activities such as classifying the information into diverse categories.


The identification of known and unknown persons at any checkpoint using a database (NADRA). Additionally, an identification of wanted person in a crowd — shopping mall, airport, factory, university. Last but not least, an identification of fatigue in students/workers based on the stored information.


Automatically maintain the schedules of systems, networks, grid based on data, rather than OEM specifications. As it is the process to design a system to help determine the condition of in-service equipment to estimate when maintenance should be performed or when the equipment should be replaced.


Analysis of data captured from various sensors to monitor the health of the vehicle. Additioally, to improve the reliability through a more thorough understanding of the current health of the system by making monitoring of vehicle health easy, manageable, and more importantly, intelligent.


We provide Industry 4.0 solutions, Supply chain management and Home automation and security applications. As an informational application, the decision support system gathers and analyzes data, synthesizing it to produce comprehensive information reports as per the requirements.

Today’s  Smart systems employ AI algorithms to process the input data/information and  give results that mimic intelligence. From smart phones to smart weapons, the  AI technology is changing the way processes are carried out in every field of  science, business and entertainment. The paradigm shift brought by AI is in  being proactive rather than being reactive to situations.  AI can help create an  autonomous and intelligent system(s) where we are able to foresee and predict  the malfunctions/events from happening before they become disasters.


Our team has been working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Systems/Projects.
In majority of our products, we have applied several Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning algorithms to develop different rules engines, expert systems and knowledge graphs. We have used Machine learning approaches to predict the health of the vehicles (drones). Additionally, we have applied AI-based and Neural network mechanisms to predict the disaster situation based on large number of input parameters. Since Pakistan’s economy immensely relies on the export of fruits and vegetables, detection and taxonomy of various plants diseases is crucial, and it demands utmost attention. We are developing a system that concerns the detection and classification of various plants diseases utilizing correlation coefficient and deep features. An analysis of the results has shown that the proposed methodology outperforms several existing methods in terms of precision and classification accuracy.
Some of our products in working condition are shown here. Click the corresponding project to see the detiled description.

Skin Lesion Classification

"Contemplating on the importance of early diagnosis of skin cancer, particularly, melanoma, in this work1 we propose a novel machine-learning based framework for skin lesion classification. The simulation results show an accuracy exceeding 97%, and that by utilizing less than 3% features."

AI-Based Covid-19 Detection

"Machine Learning – especially Profound Learning developments – have as of late made gigantic progresses in consequently diagnosing infections, making diagnostics less costly and more accessible to consumers."

Hydraulic System Monitoring in VHMS

"Health of an aviation hydraulic system is predicted using Machine Learning algorithms and the system has been deployed and is functioning.”

Weather Forecasting System

"Computer vision techniques have been used to forecast the weather using increasingly expanding weather data sets. This Solution is also deployed and is providing an effective role in decision making”

Plant Disease Detection

"Modern technologies in Machine learning and Computer vision have been applied to detect the diseases on the plants. Here, wireless communication mechanisms have been used along with the AI.”

Meet our team

Our team members make the difference at Convex Solutions (PVT) Ltd., and that is because of their leadership qualities and thinking abilities. Our team members are top researchers and professionals with technical expertise. Get to know your team below.
Dr. Faran Ahmed

Dr. Faran Ahmed


Dr Faran Ahmed has a rich and diverse experience in technology management, technology transfer and technology diffusion, spanning three decades. He has served in Govt and Private organizations as well as taught in Universities.

Dr. Talha Akram

Dr. Talha Akram

Consultant Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning

Dr. Tallha Akram is an engineer and a researcher. He did his B.Eng., MS, and PhD in 2006, 2008, and 2014, respectively. He currently serves as Pattern recognition & Machine Learning Consultant in Convex Solutions.

Dr. Sajjad Ali Haider

Dr. Sajjad Ali Haider

Consultant Control Systems

Dr. Sajjad Ali Haider is an engineer and a research scholar. He did his B.Eng., MS, and PhD in 2005, 2007, and 2014, respectively. Moreover, he currently serves as a Control Systems Consultant in Convex Solutions.

Dr. Syed Rameez Naqvi

Dr. Syed Rameez Naqvi

Consultant Embedded Systems Design

Dr. Syed Rameez Naqvi is an engineer and a research scholar. He did his B.Eng., MS, and PhD in 2005, 2007, and 2014, respectively. He currently serves as Embedded Systems Design Consultant in Convex Solutions.

Dr. Omer Chughtai

Dr. Omer Chughtai

Consultant Wireless Communication/Networks

Dr. Omer Chughtai is an engineer and a research scholar. He did his B.Eng., MS, and PhD in 2006, 2009, and 2016, respectively. He currently serves as Wireless Communication and Networks Consultant in Convex Solutions.

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The team members of Convex Solutions are exceptionally blessed to have an amazing talent and skills. What's more, they've framed something other than working associations; is that they have shaped genuine kinships. This is what clients say about us.
Chughatta Associates

Chughatta Associates

IT Solutions Provider

"We are one of the IT solutions provider in Pakistan. We have conducted collaborative tasks with Convex Solutions and we have no regret to say that, Convex Solutions (PVT) Ltd., is one of the best teams who got AI expertise."

Academic Collaborator

Academic Collaborator

Dr. Mohammad Altaf

"Your company is truly upstanding and I feel proud to have a collaboration with such an intellectual team. I have collaborated with Convex Solutions to market our product and to provide technical opinion and expertise in the project titled Computer Aided Radiological Diagnosis System (CARDS) submitted to Ignite"

Muhammad Yasir

Muhammad Yasir


"I am glad to inform that Convex Solutions is competent enough to do any type of projects that involves, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.I will refer everyone I know."

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